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Calling all sneakerheads: Leave your mark everywhere you go wearing Remonte shoes. Crafted with the best material and cleverly designed interiors- the shoes capture a wide clientele. Remonte footwear; established by the Reiker family 140 years ago - is adaptable and minimizes foot fatigue, so you are ready to improve the health of your feet.

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    Remonte Ladies D1A70
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    Remonte Ladies D0B74
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    Rieker Ladies D0700
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    Remonte Ladies D8383
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    Remonte Ladies D5800
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    Remonte Ladies D7647
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Comfort with Every Step

Remonte is loved by all of our customers - this is due to their unsurpassed quality and best comfort. Made from qualitative materials, the shoes come in a vast variety; including Remonte boots, shoes, and sandals. Many styles include removable insoles for easy install of custom orthotics - so people with orthopedic concerns can also benefit. It's a German brand that creates footwear with prominent features like lightweight technical interiors, flexible soles, and fantastic shock-absorbing qualities. Order your shoes now from our shoe store in Canada, and if you have any questions, you can contact us anytime. Take advantage of cost-saving benefits by shopping online with us, where you will find the best deals and offers on your favourite styles.

Confident Style, Confident Comfort

Remonte, a sister company of the Reiker Umbrella, is dedicated to a youthful and contemporary look. Its craftsmanship tradition goes back over 100 years, and with its fashion-forward philosophy and passion for comfort, the brand has captured a much wider audience. We offer a top collection of stylish, supportive, and comfortable Remonte footwear that features lace-ups, slip-ons, colour varieties, and different wearable textures on different occasions. You can buy the articles for sale from us at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. From the warmer months to the coldest Canadian winters, from glam to casual wear, we have varied styles to compliment your look.

Fashion, Comfort and Affordable

Style and comfort are a definite must for Remonte. You will always see youthful and trendy styles in this shoe line-up, where quality is a must and feet fatigue is null. You will get the best of both worlds, like modern designs and traditional craftsmanship, without compromising comfort. Feel relaxed, casual, and comfortable wearing this fashionable variety that is also affordable when you shop from the Becker Shoes store localized in Canada. Remonte has everything you need for your footwear, from fashion to affordability.

Passion is the Name of the Game

When you shop Remonte footwear, you will get compelling designs lasting for years. Innovative technologies are used to make your feet feel great. Light and soft, with breathable inserts, they ensure feather-light walking and comfort on the go. The soft foam inserts, made from breathable micro-velour, adjust to your foot shape and the weather blends water-repellent material - ensuring that your feet are protected from wet climates in the winter. These are your happy-fit shoes, which will be your best friends while walking on different passages when you explore the beautiful vicinities of Canada. Look through our fantastic selection to see which styles are best for you. Our incredible collection gives you the ideal selection for your feet in various sizes and styles.

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