Please find below a size chart that acts as a guide in finding the appropriate size for you. These guides do not take into account any foot ailments, disfigurements or anomalies and cannot guarantee a perfect fit. We recommend a Sit & Fit shoe sizing with one of our trained Sales Associates at one of our Becker Shoes locations. Shoe fittings should be done annually to ensure your feet stay healthy and comfortable. For a list of locations, click here.

Please scroll down for a complete list of downloadable and printable brand measurement guides and directions for measuring your foot at home. 

Printable Brand Measurement Guides

Measuring your Foot at Home

Things to Know Before Measuring

You should measure your feet in the evening or afternoon. Throughout the day your feet will slightly swell and expand.

When measuring, wear the socks/stockings that you would typically wear with the product you are considering (barefoot if you are sizing for sandals or thick socks for winter boots).

Measure both feet. Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, you should go by the larger of the two.

Make sure to put your weight on your foot while measuring. We recommend standing up straight to measure, so the weight is evenly distributed between both feet. This gives a more accurate measurement of your foot size and shape in everyday use.

Foot size can vary by as little as 1/8 an inch, try to be as precise as possible while measuring your foot.

Measuring your foot will determine your foot measurement. The size of shoe you wear may be different. Each brand and style varies in fit and this measurement should be considered a guideline. It’s best to take your measurements and consult the specific product details for the shoes you are interested in, or to give our staff a call for expert help.

We recommend a Sit & Fit shoe sizing with one of our trained Sales Associates at a Becker Shoes locations when possible.

How to measure your foot at home!

Measuring your foot at home is easy! All you need are a few household items: paper, pencil/pen/marker, ruler or tap measure and a flat/hard floor/ground.

On a smooth flat surface place a piece of paper (if you have larger feet, you may need two pieces taped together).

Step onto the center of the paper with the foot you are measuring and stand up tall, with feet hips distance apart.

Trace the outline of your foot – this works best with a buddy, but if no one’s around to help, trace your foot while keeping weight on it. Try to get as close as possible, without going under the foot (keep your pen vertical).

Now you are ready to measure. Measure from the heel to the end of the longest toe (which ever toe that may be) and measure the widest part of your foot, this is usually the ball of the foot. You may find it helpful to draw a straight line across the top of the longest toe, and measure from the line to the heel. 

Using the heel-to-toe measurement, look at the above Shoe Size Guidelines to find the corresponding shoe size. If you’re in between measurements, it’s recommended to size up.

Once you’ve found your size, use your size and the width measurement and our Shoe Width Guideline to figure out which shoe width is recommended for you. If you’re in between, it’s recommended to size up.

Example below:

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