Women's Slippers

Your feet keep you on the go all day long! When your feet work hard for you give back to them by keeping them warm and comfortable with stylish and durable womens slippers from Becker Shoes. The most premium footwear keeps your feet comfortable for longer.

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  1. UGG Ladies Tasman
    UGG Ladies Tasman
  2. Genuins Ladies Helsinki
    Genuins Ladies Helsinki
    $49.99 Regular Price $89.99
  3. Birkenstock Ladies Zermatt Canvas
    Birkenstock Ladies Zermatt Canvas
  4. Vionic Ladies Indulge Relax
    Vionic Ladies Indulge Relax
  5. Foamtreads Ladies Debbie Slipper
    Foamtreads Ladies Debbie Slipper
  6. Glerups Unisex Slip-on Leather
    Glerups Unisex Slip-on Leather
  7. Foamtreads Ladies Riley
    Foamtreads Ladies Riley
  8. Crocs Unisex Classic Lined Clog
    Crocs Unisex Classic Lined Clog
  9. UGG Ladies Scuffette II
    UGG Ladies Scuffette II
  10. Cloud Nine Ladies Sheepskin Scuff
    Cloud Nine Ladies Sheepskin Scuff
  11. Foamtreads Ladies Nurse 2 Medical
    Foamtreads Ladies Nurse 2 Medical
  12. Haflinger Unisex Grizzly
    Haflinger Unisex Grizzly
  13. Glerups Unisex Slip-on Rubber
    Glerups Unisex Slip-on Rubber
  14. Skechers Ladies Bobs Too Cozy
    Skechers Ladies Bobs Too Cozy
  15. Foamtreads Ladies Lana
    Foamtreads Ladies Lana
  16. Glerups Unisex Shoe Rubber
    Glerups Unisex Shoe Rubber
  17. Haflinger Ladies Zig Zag
    Haflinger Ladies Zig Zag
  18. Foamtreads Ladies Jewel
    Foamtreads Ladies Jewel
  19. Foamtreads Ladies Physician L2
    Foamtreads Ladies Physician L2
  20. KEEN Ladies Howser III Slide
    KEEN Ladies Howser III Slide
  21. Skechers Ladies Bobs Too Cozy - Cutie Pupz
    Skechers Ladies Bobs Too Cozy - Cutie Pupz
  22. Birkenstock Ladies Buckley Shearling
    Birkenstock Ladies Buckley Shearling
  23. Ilse Jacobsen Ladies Tulip 3871
    Ilse Jacobsen Ladies Tulip 3871
  24. Reef ladies Cushion Homey Clog
    Reef ladies Cushion Homey Clog
    $89.99 Regular Price $110.00
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Slip Into Comfort

Stay in style, but never compromise on comfort; upgrade your footwear game. Warmth and comfort in every pair - bring home yours today. Our finest slipper offers unmatched support and style keeping up with whatever life throws at you.

Explore our vast collection of footwear to warm up your mornings and evenings. For everyday use around the house, daily chores or just lounging on the couch - feel comfort in every step.

Put your Feet to Rest

You shouldn't have to sacrifice style – get the best of both worlds with Becker Shoes. Stay put at home with the power of online shopping - Becker Shoes has a huge variety of slippers on our online store!

No more cold feet - shop now for your perfect pair of slippers. With supreme warmth and ultimate comfort - Becker Shoes has a wide variety of slippers for whatever your needs.

Stay warm - wear Wool

Slip-on wool shoes for everyday needs. The perfect solution from cold floors and chilly weather. Feel the warmth and comfort from each wear.

Whether looking for footwear on sale for lazy Sunday mornings or cozy winter nights, slip-on slippers are the perfect solution for everyone. Upgrade your winter wardrobe with our wool slip-on style shoes that add a touch of elegance to your look.

Keep Cozy with Slip on’s

Whether you’re hanging around the house or running errands, Becker Shoes wool slippers for women are the perfect pair for you in Canada. Get a wide range of colours and styles. Keep warm on cold nights and cool mornings - made for everyday wear!

Perfectly created for a balance of warmth, comfort and stability. Purchase closed-back slippers with confidence knowing your feet will stay dry, comfortable and cozy!

Pamper Your Feet

It's time to say goodbye to the cold and say hello to warmth and comfort by stepping into your new pair of slippers. Whether you want to buy them for yourself or wish to gift them to your loved ones, warm footwear is the perfect gift for all.

Online shop or visit us in store and get the best deal at Becker Shoes. Heavy discounts are also available on the selected pairs.

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