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Founded in France in 2009, HOKA ONE ONE set out to change the feeling of running for everyone. They created a truly unique running shoe and today, they have a range of bold and unexpected solutions for athletes of all types. After trying on a pair of HOKA's innovative sneakers, it's hard to ignore the benefits of the enhanced cushioning and a meticulously-engineered midsole.

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  1. Hoka Men's Clifton 9 GTX
    Hoka Men's Clifton 9 GTX
  2. Hoka Unisex Ora Recovery Mule
    Hoka Unisex Ora Recovery Mule
  3. Hoka Unisex Ora Luxe
    Hoka Unisex Ora Luxe
  4. Hoka Men's Speedgoat 5 GTX
    Hoka Men's Speedgoat 5 GTX
  5. Hoka Men's Kaha 2 GORE-TEX Mid
    Hoka Men's Kaha 2 GORE-TEX Mid
  6. Hoka Men's Transport
    Hoka Men's Transport
  7. Hoka Men's Bondi Slip-Resistant
    Hoka Men's Bondi Slip-Resistant
  8. Hoka Men's Clifton 9
    Hoka Men's Clifton 9
  9. Hoka Unisex Ora Recovery Slide 3
    Hoka Unisex Ora Recovery Slide 3
  10. Hoka Men's Clifton 9 WIDE
    Hoka Men's Clifton 9 WIDE
  11. Hoka Men's Bondi 8 Wide
    Hoka Men's Bondi 8 Wide
  12. Hoka Men's Kawana
    Hoka Men's Kawana
    $139.99 Regular Price $160.00
  13. Hoka Men's Speedgoat 5
    Hoka Men's Speedgoat 5
  14. Hoka Men's Bondi 8
    Hoka Men's Bondi 8
  15. Hoka Ladies Speedgoat 5
    Hoka Ladies Speedgoat 5
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One of the most talked-about footwear brands in recent times is Hoka. Built with performance, comfort, and durability in mind, these shoes elevate mobility. Unlike many other brands in the market, Hoka shoes are inspired by the unique needs of the wearer. Wearing shoes from this brand can make your steps lighter and more powerful as your foot lands on the ground. You can find this brand up for sale at Becker Shoes, where our choices and quality never fall short!

“Not all shoes that shine are gold—Becker Shoes.” Look is the crucial factor for any footwear product, but so is functionality. Hoka shoes are designed to care for the natural curve of your feet and a correct posture. The orthotic-friendly design of the shoes, coupled with soft cushion, ensures happy & healthy feet in all actions! APMA, a.k.a American Podiatric Medical Association’s stamped seal of approval, is proof of its foot health benefit.

A Happy and Content Customer Writes:

“I have the problem of flat arches, which makes it difficult to walk or even stand for a long period. When I consulted my doctor, he suggested Hoka shoes for their excellent foot health support”

Ortholite® is a special insole inside the Hoka shoes that helps to maintain cool and dry feet. It works by letting the air in and taking away any moisture. The breathable mesh construction of these shoes allows air to pass easily, contributing to overall foot hygiene. Another attractive feature of Hoka footwear is the EVA foam midsole. This special type of midsole is made from a type of foam that is soft yet firm. It helps to make your every step softer and more comfortable without adding extra weight. The MetaRocker™ feature present in their shoes makes walking feel more natural and easy on your feet.

Hoka footwear serves all– Men, Women, and Kids alike. For men who seek outdoor adventure or comfort in everyday activities, this is the brand to choose from. Made from durable materials, Hoka running shoes, joggers or hiking shoes focus on safety. This ensures your every stride is confident and secure as much as possible. Women looking for stylish and comfortable shoes can find their perfect fit from the trendy and fashionista collection of Hoka shoes. Need unique designs, colours, or styles? Hoka shoes are fashionably efficient! This footwear brand is also popular among parents for being caring and gentle to their child's feet. Soft foam, robust build, and solid traction ensure your child's little step does not feel like a burden.

When shopping for Hoka shoes in Canada, Becker Shoes is the place to be. Why? With a wide range and a top collection at our online and physical store, we are the obvious choice for many! Shop now!

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