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At Becker Shoes, quality is our cornerstone, and it's evident in every shoe we select for our customers, especially in our dress wear collection. Experience the epitome of lasting style and comfort with our meticulously curated range of dress shoes. Crafted from premium materials and sourced from the finest brands, our dress shoes offer a perfect fusion of fashion-forward designs and long-lasting comfort. Whether you're heading to the office or attending a special occasion, our collection has something for every discerning taste and occasion.

Indulge in everyday elegance with our versatile dress shoes, expertly designed to elevate your ensemble with sophistication and flair. From classic styles to contemporary trends, each pair is thoughtfully chosen to ensure enduring quality and timeless appeal. Step into confidence knowing that your footwear not only looks impeccable but also feels incredible, thanks to our commitment to providing shoes that prioritize both style and comfort. Shop our dress shoe collection today and discover the perfect pair to complement your wardrobe with enduring style and unparalleled comfort.

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  1. Bueno Ladies Tanner
    Bueno Ladies Tanner
  2. Bueno Ladies Nyomi
    Bueno Ladies Nyomi
  3. Venus Ladies 1857227
    Venus Ladies 1857227
  4. Remonte Ladies D0N52
    Remonte Ladies D0N52
  5. Wirth Ladies Gambi Skimmer
    Wirth Ladies Gambi Skimmer
  6. Clarks Ladies Kataleyna Step
    Clarks Ladies Kataleyna Step
  7. Venus Ladies 2354905 Wedge Loafer
    Venus Ladies 2354905 Wedge Loafer
  8. Rieker Ladies 41657
    Rieker Ladies 41657
  9. Naot Ladies Innovate
    Naot Ladies Innovate
  10. Bueno Ladies Bianca
    Bueno Ladies Bianca
  11. Becker Shoes Ladies Gracie
    Becker Shoes Ladies Gracie
  12. Remonte Ladies D6762
    Remonte Ladies D6762
    $79.99 Regular Price $125.00
  13. SAS Ladies Sonyo
    SAS Ladies Sonyo
  14. Naturalizer Ladies Banks
    Naturalizer Ladies Banks
  15. Taxi Ladies Tyra
    Taxi Ladies Tyra
  16. Taxi Ladies Harper 02
    Taxi Ladies Harper 02
  17. Taxi Ladies Harper 01
    Taxi Ladies Harper 01
  18. Django & Juliette Ladies Tammy
    Django & Juliette Ladies Tammy
  19. Remonte Ladies D1P50
    Remonte Ladies D1P50
  20. Django & Juliette Ladies Klues
    Django & Juliette Ladies Klues
    $239.99 Regular Price $275.00
  21. Django & Juliette Ladies Kopke
    Django & Juliette Ladies Kopke
    $189.99 Regular Price $225.00
  22. Django & Juliette Josky
    Django & Juliette Josky
  23. Django and Juliette Ladies Knotty Low
    Django and Juliette Ladies Knotty Low
    $159.99 Regular Price $180.00
  24. Clarks Ladies Kataleyna Rose
    Clarks Ladies Kataleyna Rose
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