Glerups Wool Slippers, Shoes & Boots

Glerups Wool Slippers, Shoes & Boots

Keep your toes warm this winter and feel snug with our fantastic Glerups wool slippers. Constructed using Gotland wool, the mules ensure the supreme coziness your feet need when you experience harsh winter weather. So, why settle with cold feet when you can bring home the warmth this season? Order your mules to upgrade your winter shoe collection and embrace the chill. Snuggle up with style and make your every step warm and cozy. Once you slip your feet into them, you will experience winters that never seemed so warm!

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  1. Glerups Unisex Boot Rubber
    Glerups Unisex Boot Rubber
  2. Glerups Unisex Shoe Rubber
    Glerups Unisex Shoe Rubber
  3. Glerups Unisex Slip-on Leather
    Glerups Unisex Slip-on Leather
  4. Glerups Unisex Shoe Leather
    Glerups Unisex Shoe Leather
  5. Glerups Unisex Boot Leather
    Glerups Unisex Boot Leather
  6. Glerups Unisex Slip-on Rubber
    Glerups Unisex Slip-on Rubber
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Fuel the Heat to Your Feet

It’s time to invest in your feet and hold the key to warmth! Our original 100 percent sheepskin Glerups slippers uphold the warmth and coziness your feet deserve when you feel chilly in the coldest weather. Take your comfort to the next level with the lush and soft Glerups wool slippers that feature luxe materials and fashion-forward designs. Your feet will thank you - these shoes offer great arch support and a soft cushiony lining that gives great relief.

Wool Slippers that Last Longer

The best wool slippers for cold Canadian weather are Glerups. The variation lasts longer since it is hand-crafted using materials of the finest calibre that are environmentally friendly. One can purchase these top-notch wool and calfskin slippers from the Becker Shoes store with the assurance that they will be of the highest quality and last for years.

No-itch Wool and Slip-Resistant

Glerups are the natural and most breathable wool slippers that keep your feet warm and dry. Not just considered as just the “at home” slippers, the collection exudes prestige. It is designed using non-itchy wool and slip-resistant soles that craft to the shape of your feet and offer your feet the comfort it needs. Buy now for the best selection of Glerups shoes, boots and slip-ons for men, women, and unisex mishmash at our online shoe store in Canada for sale.

Footwear for All - Feel the Warmth

Glerup slippers were designed considering practicality, comfort, and fashion; hence, why they are the best casual wear for your family and friends. Whether going for a walk outside or cozying up on the couch - these slippers will provide barefoot comfort and warmth. The finest quality slippers are built by blending Gotland wool with quality wool from New Zealand farmers that maintain higher standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare to ensure that each pair lands on happy feet.

We offer a Huge Selection of Designs and Colours

These wool clogs, which are a true classic, are available in the widest variety at the Becker Shoes store. The slippers are available in various patterns and colours that complement various outfits and appearances. Wool slippers are the best if you have sensitive skin, and these are very low-noise and gentle to sensitive flooring. Shop for this fantastic assortment only at Becker Shoes, where you can take advantage of the best offers and deals.

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