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Men's DR. MARTENS 1460 Snowplow Wintergrip Boot in Black

Fashion and function collide in this hard-wearing, fully winterized and waterproof Dr. Martens boot. This boot's new twin heat-sealed welt innovation helps prevent water from getting into the air cushioned sole, maintaining a fully waterproof construction and a durable build.


  • DryWair: breathable, PFC free, waterproof membrane that prevents moisture from penetrating the inner boot to maintain dry feet.
  • Waterproof welt: prevents water ingress into the sole’s air-cushioned pockets.
  • Waterproof, oiled leather upper made with Snowplow; a grit-and-salt resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean leather that is rugged and distressed.
  • High-performance DM’s wintergrip sole: a PVC/rubber hybrid sole built with grooved cleats giving superior traction, grip and durability on slippery surfaces.
  • Dr. Martens Air Cushioned sole
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Tags : Men's DR. MARTENS 1460 Snowplow Wintergrip Boot in Black

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