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Birkenstock Footwear for Men, Women and KidsBirkenstock Footwear for Men, Women and Kids

The roots of the shoemaking dynasty can be found in 1774 when the Johannes Birkenstock is mentioned. He later even became 'master craftsmen in shoemaking.'

The Birkenstock brothers lived the simple life of rural craftsmen, hand-making shoes from start to finish: producing leather, fitting it to the last and attaching an insole. Life in the German countryside was characterized by harsh weather conditions, which meant that clothing and footwear had to be functional and robust. At that time, the average person would own one pair of shoes their entire life, which would be repaired over the years by a local cobbler. Among poorer communities, shoes would even be handed down from generation to generation. It's no surprise, then, that people formed a close bond with their footwear. The fast that the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe dedicated his 1776 work Hans Sachsens Poetische Sendung to a shoemaker, speaks volumes about the reverence in which the shoemaking craft was held.

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Birkenstock: Comfort In Every Walk!

There are only a few footwear companies that truly care for the well-being of their customers’ feet. Not so surprisingly, these companies also enjoy the most loyal fan base across the globe. Customers make you the first stop to shop when you care for their unique foot needs, whether it is fashion or foot health. Among many leading footwear giants in the world today, Birkenstock has made a name for itself, being a user-centric company. Users’ need is everything that drives this brand to innovate and create. The one aspect that makes this brand so popular is the cork-latex footbed. This product is designed keeping in mind the delicate and unique curves of human soles. A properly fitting footbed that supports your feet' alignment is what they strive to offer in every Birkenstock boot, lace shoe, slip-on, and footbed sandals.

Becker Shoes is your one-stop footwear store where only top and reliable brands get featured on our shelves. Birkenstock footwear is one of the most selling products we have in our store. Explore the many options of Birkenstock available for Men, Women, and Kids in our online and offline stores in Canada, and choose the one that soothes your eyes and feet!

The Secret of Birkenstock Footbeds

You might be surprised to know that Birkenstock was the company that coined the term “Footbed” in the 1930s. They first used this term to define an anatomically shaped inner sole with unique support components. Footbeds help to maintain the proper health of your feet so that your actions don’t get laggy due to discomfort. The components that give Birkenstock footbed its characters are as follows:

Deep Heel Cup:

The heels on your feet are the natural cushioning system that allows for a comfortable walk. But sometimes, wearing a standard shoe or boot can lead to a change in the heels' orientation. This can lead to sores or strains, which can make walking equivalent to climbing mountains. The Birkenstock footbed, on the other hand, comes with a deep heel cup that hugs your heels and keeps them in the right alignment for better foot health.

Arch Support:

This longitudinal arch support runs along the side of the footbed to help you stand and walk in the correct posture. Additionally, the transverse arch support runs through the middle of the footbed for a correct alignment and solid stance.

Raised Toe Bars:

This feature, which is present in the footbed, encourages the natural gripping motion of the feet. Walking on these footbeds exercises your feet and stimulates circulation.

Spacious Toe Room:

With Birkenstock footwear, you can say goodbye to the trouble of crampy toes. Extra space for your toes means healthy and happy feet.

Becker Shoes: A Place To Find Your Perfect Pair

Becker Shoes is the place where you want to be when shopping for your dream pair of boots or shoes for Men, Women and Kids. We often roll out discounts or sales on our precious collection to help you meet with your shoemate (soulmate). This is to show our appreciation for the constant support our customers have shown us in becoming a single stop for so many. Explore our various Birkenstock offerings here in Canada and settle with a pair that brings the best out of you. Order now before it gets sold out!

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